Employee education is often a neglected topic in domestic companies. As time passes, companies keep up with world trends and direct more and more resources to the purpose of employee education. It is the company’s HR who most often insist on training. They are the ones who care about the satisfaction of the workers and the functioning of the teams. They are aware that money is aimed at education, money invested in the future and prosperity.

What is important to note at the beginning is that education programs affect not only the professional, but also the personal development of an individual. In this way, you get a more skilled and successful employee, who is highly motivated. A satisfied and motivated employee is what changes the company’s operations for the better, because then he gives his maximum. That’s why we present you with 6 skills that will contribute to the development and success of your employees.

Public speaking and public speaking skills

Anyone who deals with public affairs, especially politics and the media, knows how important public speaking and speaking is. However, this program is not intended only for them, it can be attended by anyone who speaks in front of a large number of people, boards of directors in companies, gives presentations and deals with sales. They can be restaurateurs, managers, sellers, professors… The goal of the program is for each participant to acquire enough skills to become a good speaker, which will benefit both him and the company.

We will help you overcome your fear of public speaking, teach you to make contact with the audience and be convincing in your speech or presentation. In this way, you will also master sales, gain insight into how to confidently sell something using presentation and the power of speech. You will gain confidence in performing in front of people, which will help you a lot in every business as well as private communication. In this way, the company will get a speaker who can confidently present any product (or service) in the best way and ensure sales.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) – Subconscious Communication

The NLP program of subconscious communication will ensure that not a single message remains hidden in the communication. We can call this an advanced level of communication. In the business world, this would practically mean that with the help of this skill you can subconsciously influence the thinking and behavior of the interlocutor. With that, you can also influence his choices without them being aware of it. Once you understand how the human mind works, there is no limit to your possibilities. Sounds powerful, doesn’t it?

This program includes various exercises and examples, which will help you achieve a subconscious connection with the interlocutor, recognize the signs of lies and deception. But the most important thing is that you will learn how to master the techniques of hypnosis and suggestions, and how to influence people so that they accept your ideas as their own and act on them. We don’t need to emphasize how much this skill can contribute to better business, and what kind of “weapon” you can have in your team.

Non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication is often considered more important than verbal communication, than what is spoken. It affects the reception of verbal messages, the recipient is more inclined to believe what is said if it is supported by non-verbal communication. When the spoken and non-verbal expressions do not match, you know someone is not telling the truth. This skill will be useful to absolutely everyone. It is especially useful in a business environment, because by recognizing “secret” signs, you can gain an advantage over your interlocutors.

You will learn to read and recognize the signals of truth and lies in the non-verbal messages of the interlocutor. You will acquire a skill that many do not have, which is to know how to control non-verbal movements so that they emphasize and reinforce what is spoken. In addition, you will become more perceptive, you will be able to see what the interlocutor is really thinking, what hidden messages he is sending and whether it matches what he is saying. In this way, you can influence your interlocutors, because you can see through their insecurities and untruths. Needless to say, this skill will also come in handy in private relationships. Everyone likes to know when someone “paints” them, right? 🙂

Sales skills

Sales are all around you. In addition to the classic sense of selling products and services, we even sell ourselves. Whether it’s a job interview, presenting projects, or even some everyday communications when you’re trying to impress someone. All this can be subsumed under some type of sale.

With that in mind, we decided to organize an educational program that will enable you to master sales skills easily and simply. You will learn to overcome the fear of selling, win and keep the trust of customers, but also to help them understand what they want. When you finish this program, you will know how to make people want to do business with you. This is an ideal choice if you want your team to consist of well-trained salespeople. Your sales will surely explode, and the team will be more motivated and skilled at work.

Creating business goals

We created this program with business owners and managers in mind. It is also suitable for those who just want to enter the business world. When you finish this program, you will know how to do an external and internal analysis of the environment, analysis of the current state and business processes.

You will find out what goals are and why they are necessary, and what are the techniques of setting business goals, controlling and monitoring them, as well as aligning goals. One of the things you will adopt is the so-called SWOT analiza tržišta (snage, slabosti, prilike i pretnje). After completing the program, you will practically have a business plan for the upcoming period, which will greatly help you in business and be a guideline for its implementation.

Business negotiation

Negotiation skills are primarily associated with politicians and diplomats, but they are highly valued and much needed by many. They can be useful for business owners, then managers in various positions, but also for anyone who would find the art of negotiation useful or interesting.

In this way, you become qualified for difficult business and diplomatic conversations. We will teach you how to end negotiations in your favor. We will train you how to prepare for and start a conversation. Then, to properly argue your own allegations, and what is perhaps more important – how to neutralize objections. All exercises will enable you to conduct negotiations in a direction that suits you. Finally, you will learn how to successfully lead negotiations to decision-making and close the negotiation with the desired result. When you or your employees master this skill, you will be able to get what you want for your company. Whether it’s more favorable terms of cooperation, more jobs, whatever you need.

Education Belgrade

Do not trust anyone when it comes to the education of your employees. Bad lecturers, programs and bad organization can lead to the money you set aside for education being thrown into the wind. In order to avoid this, always check carefully with whom you cooperate. Arena has many years of experience in organizing education and team building. Our lecturers are experienced professionals in their field, you can read more about them here. For more information about the organization, you can contact us, we are open to all questions and advice.